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December 2016

Transitions: A Practice in Presence

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More and more being in the present moment seems to be the best way to move through life. What’s become apparent in today’s world is that when life becomes uncertain, we can find ways to avoid those feelings of anxiety about the future. Rather than grabbing the phone, what if we just stayed still with the emotions. What if we were mindful of our thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body, but didn’t grab the phone to distract or numb…

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Teens: Mental Health, Technology and Spirituality

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In collaboration with and the Wheelhouse at the Bradford Mill, we’re introducing a unique multi-generational collaborative model for the Concord/Carlisle, MA community bringing together teens/20s with adults at the intersection of mental health, technology and spirituality. In this first conversation in the series, I coalesce current research and cite experts: Dan Siegel, Larry Rosen, Simon Sinek, and Lisa Miller as I share the speaking platform with teens who have suffered through mental health crises. As the speakers and audience engage in conversation,…

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Power Down to Power Up!

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POWER DOWN TO POWER UP. What does that mean? In essence, there are positives and negatives to technology, the promises and the perils have been espoused throughout history. Even Thoreau warned, “Men have become the tool of their tools,” and today: “Never before has there been a time when reflection on human nature is so important, particularly because of the power of technology. Misused, technology can isolate us, numbing our social and human tendencies while keeping us continuously occupied. Used affirmatively,…

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Mindful Test Prep

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Attention. Focus. Comprehension. These are skills and traits of a successful student. Daniel Goleman, the author of the national bestseller Emotional Intelligence and newest book Focus, claims attention and focus are the number one predictors of success, yet our digital world is rapidly creating conditions that make it much more difficult to focus each year. In the world of pings, notifications, emails, texts and likes, our attention is pulled from the very tasks we attempt to complete. Have any of…

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