Teaching Team

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If you are reading this entry, it means that I haven’t had wifi since I arrived at the Monastery on the 11th, which was the night of the 10th for you. So, until I can bring you into the retreat, via text and photo, I’ll give you some more background. This all came about because of Marni, who you can find more about at Marni grew up in Burma until she was a teenager when she moved to Indonesia, and…

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A Little Uncertainty

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Today, when Marni’s Aunt Emerald spoke to us about our time in the nunnery, we learned a few things that were not quite what we expected. One, we are in the nunnery, during the Water Festival Retreat, for the duration until Sunday, April 17, after the closing ceremonies. We thought we might be able to leave periodically, to go to an Internet Café to post our blogs, check email, touch base with loved ones, but that may not be the...
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Setting Intentions

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One of my favorite moments in a yoga practice is setting an intention. In order to do so, I find a more ethereal sense of myself. I may have already noticed my breath and points of tension in my body, but setting the intention requires an awareness of something greater, a touch point to a sense of being in that moment. The intention might be a way I want to feel during the practice, strong, courageous, patient, accepting, or it...
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Pagoda Nuns

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And as I walked around the Shwendagon Pagoda yesterday, I came upon these nuns. My first true, in person, glimpse of the girls I’m going to be teaching yoga. If you listen carefully to the video, you’ll hear the sing song voices of the morning prayers. I sat on some stairs in view of them praying in front of the Pagoda, and all the ancillary Buddhas and statues, I felt the power of Buddhism. The reverence for the sacred place...
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Spectacular Shwedagon Pagoda

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Today I went to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda, one of Buddhism’s most sacred sites. What I loved about this morning, very early at 5 am, was the peace and serenity in the air. It was before the heat and before the crowds, so I got a glimpse of the magnificent stupa as well as many other shrines, “tazaung” (small pavilions) and other religious statuary. The crows were flying, swooping and cawing. The night time sky was fading away as the...
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