Pagoda Nuns

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And as I walked around the Shwendagon Pagoda yesterday, I came upon these nuns. My first true, in person, glimpse of the girls I’m going to be teaching yoga. If you listen carefully to the video, you’ll hear the sing song voices of the morning prayers. I sat on some stairs in view of them praying in front of the Pagoda, and all the ancillary Buddhas and statues, I felt the power of Buddhism. The reverence for the sacred place...
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Spectacular Shwedagon Pagoda

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Today I went to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda, one of Buddhism’s most sacred sites. What I loved about this morning, very early at 5 am, was the peace and serenity in the air. It was before the heat and before the crowds, so I got a glimpse of the magnificent stupa as well as many other shrines, “tazaung” (small pavilions) and other religious statuary. The crows were flying, swooping and cawing. The night time sky was fading away as the...
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Packing and Packing and Packing, Oh my! And you are definitely supposed to read this in the same sing song voice of Dorothy, “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!” filled with the same tone of trepidation. I laughed when I received a text from one of my yogi friends, Criss, who I met at Omega during a Yoga and Service retreat with Seane Corn and Julia Butterfly Hill. Hmmm… There’s certainly a story there, both meeting Criss and sharing...
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It’s Time for Yoga

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When you first start teaching yoga, you prepare, sometimes over prepare, the ways you will begin the class, the sequencing, and short readings during savasana. You consider the length of time, the composition of the students, and the themes you want to follow. It’s even more specific when you teach children or teens with special consideration to their stage of development. So what do you do when you know you are going to teach yoga and meditation to 200+ orphans...
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Yoga teaches us to connect to our bodies, to the sensations we feel, to the intricacies of breath and movement. When we let go of the distracted mind, and feel into the stillness of our internal selves, we begin to sense our inner truths. When we really connect on a daily basis, we begin to train ourselves to hear the answer from that deep intuitive place that wants you to live your life filled with more opportunities to say, “Yes!”...
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