iBme “Commit to Sit”

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Dear Friends and Family, Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) is a national nonprofit that offers in-depth mindfulness programming for young adults and the parents and professionals who support them. I recently learned of their "Commit to Sit"campaign to provide $300,000 in scholarship money for their teen retreats. Jessica Morey, iBme founder, and her husband, Middlesex Mindfulness Leader, Doug Worthen live right here in Concord, so many of you know of iBme. During the next three days, the pledges will be matched, so any...
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Setting Intentions

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One of my favorite moments in a yoga practice is setting an intention. In order to do so, I find a more ethereal sense of myself. I may have already noticed my breath and points of tension in my body, but setting the intention requires an awareness of something greater, a touch point to a sense of being in that moment. The intention might be a way I want to feel during the practice, strong, courageous, patient, accepting, or it...
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Yoga teaches us to connect to our bodies, to the sensations we feel, to the intricacies of breath and movement. When we let go of the distracted mind, and feel into the stillness of our internal selves, we begin to sense our inner truths. When we really connect on a daily basis, we begin to train ourselves to hear the answer from that deep intuitive place that wants you to live your life filled with more opportunities to say, “Yes!”...
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