Pagoda Nuns

By April 9, 2016 No Comments

And as I walked around the Shwendagon Pagoda yesterday, I came upon these nuns. My first true, in person, glimpse of the girls I’m going to be teaching yoga. If you listen carefully to the video, you’ll hear the sing song voices of the morning prayers.

I sat on some stairs in view of them praying in front of the Pagoda, and all the ancillary Buddhas and statues, I felt the power of Buddhism. The reverence for the sacred place was palpable, and their was a sense of joy and festivity as the morning unfolded. You enter the Pagoda from one of four long stairways, all lined with shops selling flowers, relics, and other tokens for the Buddhas.

Tomorrow Marni, Carly, Wendy and I will spend the day planning how we will teach yoga to these girls and the women who guide them, and then finally, after all this anticipation and wonder, we will meet them on April 12!

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