Parenting and Technology

by Lucy Jo Palladino

Much of the Technology Toolbox comes from modifying Palladino’s suggestions to parents with strategies teens/young adults may do on their own including awareness, mindfulness, and tech breaks. This makes a wonderful baby shower present.

by Sherry Turkle

Particularly useful in combining the impact of technology with a mindfulness culture. Key strategies including “Zenware” which is technology that enhances mindfulness and a mindful use of technology.

by Katherine Steiner Adair

Surprising to some, this book is more of a directive to parents than to children and teens. She directs her message to parents to be aware of their own technology use on their children. Powerful message.

Distraction and the Impact of Technology

by Adam Gazzaley & Larry Rosen

An innate need to gather information frames the conversation about why digital devices are so alluring. Chapter 11: Modifying Behavior, gives critical strategies for driving a car, focusing on critical assignments, social interactions and sleep.

by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Sherry Turkle, a reknowned media scholar from MIT, is been an expert on the impact of technology on children and families. Along with her books are articles and TED Talk on the subject. I’d begin with the impactful TED Talk.

Focus and Mindfulness

by Daniel Goleman

Goleman, best known for his work with Emotional Intelligence, addresses the issue of focus in a generalized way, but zeroes in on the impact of technology. Especially interesting are his own stories of losing focus when distracted by technology.

by Jon-Kabat Zinn

The classic work by one of the key founder’s of the mindfulness movement in the United States. Kabot Zinn’s definition of mindfulness is “Awareness that arises by paying attention on purpose in the present moment with non-judgement.”

by Andy Puddicombe and the App at

An excellent introduction to Mindfulness with its accompanying App to begin to learn mindfulness. Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, has brought mindfulness to western culture in an appealing way for teens and young adults.

Teens and Thriving

by Lisa Miller

One of the pinnacle books on ways to enhance the movement from surviving to thriving in all of our lives. More can be found in the blog entry: Teens Mental Health, Technology and Spirituality

by William Deresiewicz

When Deresiewicz writes that teens have never been more depressed, anxious and stressed, he did not mention technology as a cause. In the blog entry, Passion, Purpose, Meaning, I show how the digital age exacerbates these issues with solutions.