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If you are reading this entry, it means that I haven’t had wifi since I arrived at the Monastery on the 11th, which was the night of the 10th for you. So, until I can bring you into the retreat, via text and photo, I’ll give you some more background.

This all came about because of Marni, who you can find more about at Omandroam.com. Marni grew up in Burma until she was a teenager when she moved to Indonesia, and then Hawaii. She is half Burmese and half Irish/Scottish. A wonderful combination, for sure! She’s spent quite a bit of time with her Aunties and cousins over the years, and her Auntie Emerald introduced her to the head nun in the monastery a few years ago. A very intuitive, yet stern woman, Sadieh’s given Marni wise advise throughout her life, even telling her two years ago that it was time to make some major changes. One of those come to Jesus moments, or I suppose, come to Buddha here in Burma.

When Marni came back to visit in December, her Auntie took her to see Sadieh, to check in and Marni told her about the changes including quitting her corporate job, becoming a yoga instructor, and leading spiritual tours to swim with dolphins on the Big Island of Hawaii. In return, Sadieh requested, in a very commanding manner, that Marni come teach the nuns yoga during the annual retreat of Water Festival. Marni asked, “Have they ever done yoga?” Sadieh replied, “No.” And that’s basically all we know.

Marni met Wendy and Carly in a similar serendipitous way as she met me! She connected with Wendy of www.wmyoga.com/ at the Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco when they discovered they both ran yoga retreats in Hawaii. She arrives tomorrow am, off a long Red Eye flight from SF, on the way to the monastery. I dare say, arriving without time to acclimate would NOT have worked for me. I felt very lucky to have a couple of days to adjust my time clock.

Carly is getting her Masters in Yoga Philosophy at Loyola Marymount in LA, and she actually plans to finish her thesis, and prepare for her presentation on April 27, while we are off duty from teaching yoga! Apparently we will have time for study during the retreat. Yes. I have books and laptop, but there will be no time for digital distraction with no Internet!

So who knows what we’re headed into. It’s 7 full days, and I’m going to negotiate to be “let out” at least once to post and check in with family, but it’s a real retreat… filled with austere conditions I’m suspecting… No wine, nor chocolate, but I’m sneaking in my Starbucks instant coffee.

Until I’m plugged in again, enjoy the temperate temperatures of Concord in April. It was 103 today! And sleeves with knees covered here…





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